Since beginning when we entered into business profit making never was and remain our only aim and the main object of our working though we know profit is not a dirty word it keeps our working geared and is an essential part to run the business.

We always focus and try to preserve the welfare of all having in our mind the idea of our Indian culture ancient famous saying ”Sarve Bhavantu Sukhine”.

We all are the integral part of infinite cosmic nature and if it disturbs and lose its balance we all have to face the curse and the consequences of it which now a days is being observed & faced by all of us all over the globe.

Due to some inbuilt and inborn values inherited from our grandparents, our family and our Indian culture, we took this step to come into the field of Solar business in the year 2006 with clear vision and mission.

Solar is an infinite and unlimited source of energy equally has been blessed and distributed to all by the Almighty God with especial blessings upon India where Solar is available in its best form from energy/power generation point of view.

Solar daily appears; but a few part of it we convert into energy generation while maximum part goes into waste with no use of it.

If Solar is converted into energy and it replaces the all type of traditional sources like Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene Oil, Wood, Charcoal, Petroleum Gas or minimise them to the bare minimum level then all problems will be solved automatically.

Wisely and honestly adoption of Solar  and its conversion into energy will make the environment Eco Friendly, Ecological and free from Global Warming which now has become the biggest curse and danger for the whole planet(Earth).

Let’s make it a movement today taking all together and do not leave it on tomorrow to save the Planet and its environment and to save at the same time us, our generation at present and yet to come.

There are the famous words which support this idea and need of the era and the crying need of today ”Kal Bahut Der Ho Jayegi”.

“Mai Chahta Hu Nizame Kuhan Badal Dalun,Magar Yeh Baat Fakat Mere Bas Ki Baat Nahin;

 Utho Badho Meri Duniya Ke Aam Insano,Yeh Sab Ki Baat Hai Do Char Das Ki Baat Nahin”.